AboutThe Beginnings

About The Beginnings business concept

Our first restaurant was opened in January 2011 as healthy food restaurant. From only one chef and two waiters, The Beginnings concept has grown into a small restaurant chain. Now, in 2018 The Beginnings has 3 restaurants, stores, and health food production.

Our restaurant type is fast-casual – mash-up of fast food and casual dining. It has been strongest segment in the restaurant industry over the past decade.

We offer most trendy and fast-growing cuisine concept focused on longevity – with mostly plant based menu and a using principles of Blue Zones longevity, Nordic and Mediterranean diet. Concept is perfectly suited food for people interested in health-longevity, fitness, vegan, vegetarian, organic, sustainable, green, keto food.

Besides restaurant business The Beginnings has developed healthy snacking products. We are proud to have an approval and recognition of our products in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Great Britain, Singapore, France and other countries. In 2018 our products have received SIAL Innovation and Great Taste awards.

Restaurant concept has been featured in media (TV, Radio, magazines, blogs etc) many times and has attracted local and internationally recognized social media influencers like fitness trainers, dancers, food bloggers and more.

The Beginnings longevity food restaurant menu:

– is 90% plant-based and 10% includes sea products like Omega3 oily fish;

– is a combination of cooked food and raw food;

– has been developed by our master chef together with nutritionists according to the principles of longevity (incorporating foods and ingredients from Blue Zones diet, Nordic and Mediterranean diets);

– includes nutrition facts for each dish  – calories, macros, fiber & Omega3;

– offers high-quality business lunch offers that are suitable for both flexitarians and raw foodists.

In our juice & smoothie bar you’ll find:

– green, berry and plant-protein smoothies;

– fresh juices from fruits & veggies;

– matcha tea drinks;

– warm drinks like turmeric latte, bulletproof coffee, and wheatgrass shot.

In The Beginnings sin-free bakery, you’ll find delicious sweets, cakes, and chocolates that are:

– made from fruits, berries, nuts, and seeds;

– gluten, GMO, refined sugar and food additive-free;

– 100% natural.

In our health food shop, you’ll find healthy snacks like berry cookies, veggie chips, healthy legume pastas, plant-based protein powders and more. Our products are:

– gluten, GMO and food additive-free;

– made from fruits, veggies, berries, nuts, seeds & legumes;

– 100% natural.

You can find out more about a restaurant and see the menu on www.thebeginningsrestorani.lv.