The OfferFor Your Healthy Food Business

With obesity, diabetes, and allergies at record heights, more and more people recognize the meaning of natural, fresh, organic, non-allergenic and most importantly- easily accessible health foods.  This tendency has opened the market for health food stores and restaurants.

Our longevity restaurant business concept is the result of 7 years of priceless experience in a fast-casual restaurant, health food production, juice bar and health food store management.

The Beginnings is now are offering to you:

  • Proven concept and scalable business model of a longevity food restaurant that combines – fast-casual restaurant, juice & smoothie bar, health food shop, and sin-free confectionary.
  • Most trendy and fast-growing cuisine concept – longevity – with a mostly plant-based menu (serving food for people interested longevity, health, and fitness, vegan, vegetarian, plan based, organic, sustainable, green, keto food).
  • Modern custom-built restaurant and furniture design as well as kitchen plan with all the necessary equipment.
  • Our own health food products and other suppliers contacts to bring easily consumable health products to clients through your stores;
  • High quality, delicious, nutritionist developed original recipes according to longevity diet (including breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes) as well as the original recipe of our smoothies and drinks that all are developed according to the latest health food trends.
  • Recipes for remarkably tasty 100% natural, gluten and sugar-free confectionary including cakes, chocolates, marzipans and more.
  • Marketing and social media strategy and materials.
  • Loyalty program.
  • As you will be the owner of the concept, not a franchisee you can add, change, modify each and every part of business according to your needs.
  • It is a one-time fee instead of franchise royalty forever.
  • Very quick opening time as we have developed all essential business components for you.
  • Concept available for any country in the world except Latvia where we run the business ourselves